Artist: Isaki Uta


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There are those born on a date that occurs only once every four years. These people are called "leapers" -- individuals who age biologically at a rate four times slower than that of normal people and go on to live for over 300 years. Mio Aono is one such person and she, like many other leapers, experiences and sees life through all its mortal limitations.

From the author of "Mine-Kun is Asexual", Isaki Uta originally released "Leaper" in 2008 as a one-shot submission to the Monthly Afternoon Magazine Manga Competition where it not only went on to win an honorable mention, but also jumpstarted their career as both a serial manga and doujinshi artist. Ten years later, this landmark work has now been updated and re-released as a doujinshi and, for the first time, localized into English for fans to enjoy. Experience a comic tour de force in a work that would go on to define the author's style for years to come.

Pages: 50

Japanese Title: 伊咲ウタ短編集nebula