Artist: Uten Ameka

My Best Friend is a Gender Bender Non-H Prequels

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CW: The use of "hermaphrodite" to refer to Tsukushi's condition. We understand that it can be used as a "slur". It is also the word choice that the author decided to use. There are scenes of non consensual groping of the breasts (With the intention of it being comedic). The compilation is based on a hentai series called "My Best Friend is a Gender Bender", thus, some scenes will have slightly sexual undertones. 


Follow Tsukushi, a boy who can change genders to "boy", "girl", and "gender neutral", as he spends his days with his best friend Kaoru. 

This is a non-erotic compilation showing various episodes of Tsukushi and Kaoru growing up together. If you're a fan of the "My Best Friend is a Gender Bender" series, you'll love this!

Pages: 40

Japanese Title: 男になったり女になったりする幼なじみの話